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Entrepreneur - AWS Cloud Consultant - Software Craftsman - FOSS Believer - Agility Practitioner - @cloudioenabler Founder - @swevolutivo Founder - @quitoswcraft Member.

  • Name: Fernando Paz
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Amazon Web Services
Scrum Alliance
Free Software Foundation
Open Source Initiative


Insurance & Health Industry

Quito, Ecuador & New York, USA

I have worked in several projects related to the sale of insurance, in branches such as vehicles, ships and fires. Because it is a complex industry, I have also had the opportunity to understand financial and accounting issues around this industry.

As for the Health Industry, I have been in daily care projects for the Elderly through specialized care centers and their logistics. The best experience was working in different roles such as facilitator, coordinator and developer in multi-ethnic and distributed teams around the world (India, Philippines, Poland, USA, Ecuador).

Another great experience was working in the Dental Health Sector, participating in many projects to manage the operational and financial logistics involved in managing a multi-specialty Clinic.

Financial Industry

Quito, Ecuador

In the Fintech Industry I had the opportunity to be part of the team of one of the three largest Banks in Ecuador, in Software products related to Web Channel, which offered services to internal clients, external remittances and the sales force. The most important thing in this Industry has been to understand many concepts such as communication protocols, concepts of gateways in online payments, ATMs and much more.

Retail Industry

Quito, Ecuador

It has been a pleasure for me to have a strong approach to the Retail Industry, knowing many aspects in Software Products in inventory matters, both in its administration and in audit matters and availability for acceleration in sales. Mobile and Web applications have been built around it and supported by sensitive cross-platform synchronization problems.

The biggest challenge and continuous learning has been to face integration issues of various Software products, from known as JDEdwars to customized in very robust platforms such as AS400 (which by the way are fastastic), using many strategies and architectural patterns.


I firmly believe that experience is more important than certifications, but I know that they transmit peace of mind to my clients around a deep knowledge of technical aspects, which is why I detail them here:

AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate

Amazon Web Services

Deep knowledge of AWS technologies, their relationships and their integral operation to provide solutions to customers.

Certified ScrumMaster (CSM), Certified Product Owner (CSPO), Certified Scrum Developer (CSD)

Scrum Alliance

Solid knowledge of the Scrum framework, within its three main roles (certifications are made separately) Scrum Master, Product Owner and Software Developer, which enable the knowledge for the implementation of a comprehensive agile process in companies.

EnterpriseDB Certified Postgres Plus

EnterpriseDB Corporation

Proven technical knowledge of the PostgreSQL database, which enables its administration both in infrastructure issues, as well as in support issues for performance improvements and corrections, also including programming and syntax aspects.



In most situations I can support you through one of the following Software Companies, however if you want a different coordination contact me by email.

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